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About Us

Welcome to Little Footprints Planet, a comprehensive Online Directory and resource portal that provides information to parents about anything and everything to do with children, from prenatal planning, through pregnancy and childbirth, and babies and toddlers, to teens.

We are parents who have experienced first hand the joys and responsibilities of raising a child and have successfully navigated our way through the many great and sometimes scary experiences of nurturing our children and leading them through their early years, and experiencing the joy and privilege of seeing them grow into successful, capable, caring and competent adults is one of the best experiences that life has to offer - so we have created this web site to share some of those experiences with you and to help other parents find the information and guidance they need in order to also enjoy this adventure to the full.

Our aim is to provide one place for all the information you need, together with advice and guidance for enjoying life and helping kids grow into healthy, functional adults.

The Online Directory includes information about support groups, events, products, services and references and ideas relating to raising and caring for happy, well-balanced children. As a parent, you have probably already realized the huge responsibility you have for the new life you have created, and have also probably realized that no one every taught you how to be a good parent, or where to go to find the answers to your questions! Well, this is the pace to be.

We are constantly adding new ideas and information to our site and Directory, and provide regular articles and newsletters to help responsible parents find the information and things they need, and find the answers to questions and also to meet with other similar-minded parents.

We hope that your parenting journey will be both enjoyable and adventurous and that the information that you will find on our site will help you to improve that experience.

Best wishes,

Little Footprints Planet


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