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  Active Birth Unit Mowbray Maternity Hospital  
  The Active Birth Unit (ABU) is now a Cape Town option for natural childbirth. This is a managed, safe and comfortable environment for active labouring. If you are not aware of active or natural childbirth please do consult a midwife.  
  City/Region: Western Cape Email: send message  
  Phone: +27 21 685 3026 Website:  
  Conscious Birth  
  Pregnancy is a unique and exciting time. It can also be a time to nurture yourself and the new life growing within you. Conscious Birth is a special niche offering that has grown out of the need for women to create space in their busy lives to connect with their self (who is becoming a mother), with their babies growing inside them, and with other pregnant women.  
  City/Region: Gauteng Email: send message  
  Phone: 083 229 3253 Website:  
  MILK MATTERS – “Mothers Expressing for Others”  
  Milk Matters is a community-based breastmilk bank in the Western Cape devoted to saving the lives and improving the health of premature babies who do not have access to their own mother’s milk. These vulnerable babies thrive on the irreplaceable nutrients, growth factors and antibodies in human milk. Most importantly they are not exposed to the de-habilitating and potentially fatal risk of necrotising enterocolitis, associated with formula feeding and prematurity. As a registered non-profit and public benefit organisation, we rely on donations to fund the equipment, marketing, collection, testing, and administrative costs associated with breastmilk banking. By donating some of some of your precious breastmilk you too can save a young and fragile life.  
  City/Region: Western Cape Email: send message  
  Phone: 021 6595599 / 083 771 6230 Website:  
  Mommalicious Mamma’s  
  A community for all the mommalicious mamma’s to get together, chat, debate, compare and just plain brag if they want too! :)  
  City/Region: National  
  Phone: 079 744 0385 Website:  
  Private Midwife - Teresa Hayward  
  Antenatal classes, Postnatal home support, Assisting with breastfeeding, Colic & Reflux, Sleep products. Hiring of breastpumps and Infrared lamps  
  City/Region: Eastern Cape Email: send message  
  Phone: 082 400 9501  
  South African Doula Database  
  The South African Doula Database is a comprehensive directory of Doulas (Child birth companions) in South Africa.  
  City/Region: National  
  Phone: +27 11 704 1007 Website:  


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