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  Category: Clothing and Fashion / Subcategory: Baby  
  Babbaloo Kidz  
  Online store with baby products from car accessories, baby carrying aids, baby cd`s, chairs, monitors, nappy, nursery furniture, toys, prams & walkers, pregnancy, parent reading materials, safety items and much more.  
  City/Region: Gauteng Email: send message  
  Phone: 082 444 8065 Website:  
  Creative Embroiders / Creative Babies  
  Creative Embroiders offers both personal and corporate embroidery. Embroidered Art is embroidered pictures or designs professionally framed, these are for both children and adults. Creative Babies is a branch of CE and manufactures Babys First Bibs, Burp Cloths and Babys Linen. First Bibs are Babys First Valentines Day, First Christmas, First Birthday etc. Special requests are welcome, personalizing items, continuing a nursery theme onto walls (Embroidered Art) we offer all of these services. Our colours are bright, none of these baby blues and pinks!! Designs are fun and exciting.  
  City/Region: Gauteng Email: send message  
  Phone: 011 475 9298 or 083 338 9624 Website:  

Our Hoblett online shop stocks a 100% pure wool clothing, bedding and gift range for babies and toddlers. Our Engel range is made from organic merino and is superfine and non-scratch.

With its ability to regulate body temperature and moisture, wool keeps little ones healthy by keeping them dry and allowing their bodies to react flexibly and sensitively to warmth and cold.

Wool is 100% natural,renewable,sustainable and biodegradable and is the world`s leading ecological fibre.

Vests, Baby-bodies, Leggings, Sleepbags, Blankets, gifts...

  City/Region: National Email: send message  
  Phone: 084 775 2931 Website:  
  Mommalicious Mamma’s  
  A community for all the mommalicious mamma’s to get together, chat, debate, compare and just plain brag if they want too! :)  
  City/Region: National  
  Phone: 079 744 0385 Website:  
  Rhubarb & Custard  

The Baby Pouch Sling
As featured in Fit Pregnancy and Your Pregnancy, the Rhubarb & Custard Pouch Sling combines fashion with function. This non-adjustable baby carrier does not have straps and buckles, which makes it so easy to use. It`s a simple `pop on, pop off`.

Their unique shape gives comfort for baby and carrier like no other. The shoulder locks the fabric and works with the opposite hip to distribute the weight evenly, allowing no strain on the neck muscles or lower back.

Our slings are certified to UK/EU Standards and made with a choice of beautiful fabrics that are trendy, hip and fun. Suitable from Birth - 18kgs (around 2 years).

  City/Region: Western Cape Email: send message  
  Phone: 084 653 9600 or 076 837 4231 Website:  


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