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South Africa  
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  Category: Having Fun / Subcategory: Outdoors  
  African Birds of Prey Sanctuary  
  Dedicated to the conservation of indigenous raptors, the sanctuary is also home to a selection of captive-bred birds.  
  City/Region: Kwazulu-Natal  
  Phone: 031 785 2981 Website:  
  Blue Train  
  Riding the Blue Train is a fun activity for children from one year old and up. Have a little trip on Cape Towns only miniature train with a view of the sea, passing ships and Robben Island.  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: (021) 434-4297  
  Cape Garden Centre  
  has animals, including small horse, pigs, ducks. Restaurant in the nursery also has nice play area & chickens  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Cape Town Carriage Company  
  Cape Town Carriage Company was formed to operate and promote horse drawn vehicles within the tourism industry in South Africa.  
  City/Region: Western Cape Email: send message  
  Phone: +27 (0) 82 575 5669 Website:  
  Cape Youth Adventures  
  Cape Youth Adventures runs multi-activity Holiday Day Camps for kids in the winter holidays and the summer holidays. A wide range of activities are on offer that suits kids from Grade 1 to Grade 7. Kids camp activities vary from sports, to arts and kids crafts. Half days and full day packages are available that offers value for money.  
  City/Region: Western Cape Email: send message  
  Phone: (021) 855 4701 Website:  
  Castle Of Good Hope  
  Open Monday - Sunday 9am-4pm.  
  City/Region: Western Cape Email: send message  
  Phone: 021 787 1260 Website:  
  Church Street  
  Stroll along Church Street to find everything from lunch and coffee to antiques and art galleries - such as Cape Gallery and The Assosiation for Visual Arts (AVA). There is also the famous Church Street Antiques Market. Don`t forget to have cash on you for purchases. Opening times of shops vary but the market operates Monday - Saturday 8:30am-2pm  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: 021 438 8566  
  Constantia Green Belt  
  Need Wellies when wet  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Crafty Duck Village  
  A range of educational and fun activities - Walk through the animal farm yard with its residents, brave the reptile room and grab an opportunity to touch a non-venomous snake..  
  City/Region: Kwazulu-Natal  
  Phone: 033 390 1334 Website:  
  De Waterkant Village  
  plays host to the new and old Cape Quarter squares that you can access via Hudson Road, which is situated off Somerset Road in Greenpoint. Park you car in the underground parking area and explore on foot all the shops, pavement cafes and galleries that line the village`s intersecting streets.  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: See more details  
  Deerpark Cafe  
  The beauty of this place is the location. It is situated within the enclosed area of Rocklands so you sit in the cafe area (indoors and outdoors) with your children in view or you can relax on the grassy bank while your brood run amok in the park, playing in the jungle gym, merry-go-round or climbing trees. Remember to buy your newspaper from the 7-Eleven next door and bring sun block, and pocket money for the coffee, breakfast, lunch and ice cream. Open Monday-Sunday 8am-pm.  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: 021-4626311  
  Eastern Food Bazaar  
  This busy food emporium is about culture and food, with authentic Eastern music, tempting smells and bustling crowds lining up to collect their orders of mostly Indian cuisine with Moroccan and Chinese dishes thrown in to the mix.  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: 021 461 2458  
  This traditional Zulu village provides you with the opportunity to experience authentic Zulu culture. Ecabazini is a genuine living village full of culture and tradition.  
  City/Region: Kwazulu-Natal Email: send message  
  Phone: 033 342 1928 Website:  
  EcoBlu Education cc  
  Embark on your quest for knowledge with our team of instructors and facilitators. This is your stepping stone into the world of outdoors, adventure and not to forget scuba!  
  City/Region: National Email: send message  
  Phone: 074 413 9994  
  Ferndale Nursery  
  They have a great maze, playground and duck pond  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Firing of the Noon Day Gun  
  Take a walk up to Signal Hill in time to witness the firing of the Noon Day Gun. Accurate to the millisecond, the gun is fired every day at noon. It is also Cape Towns oldest living tradition and gun (two of them), are some of the oldest in the world to still be in use. If you arrive before 11:45am, you`ll get the opportunity to hear more about its history.  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Greenmarket Square  
  Situated in the heart of the CBD in a cobblestone area surrounded by cafes and restaurants, this market is the place to head for arts and crafts such as hand-painted fabrics, wood carvings and glassware, plus clothing, jewellery, footwear, music CDs, paints and curios from African many African countries.  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: 021 426 0152 Website:  
  Heavensgate SA  
  HEAVENS GATE is our home that we share with the LARGEST swan collection in the world. We are situated in Boksburg, Gauteng, and would like to tell you more about this new exiting venture NOW OPEN call HEAVENS GATE.  
  City/Region: Gauteng Email: send message  
  Phone: 0794988657 Website:  
  Karkloof Canopy Tour  
  Glide through this indigenous forest on one of eight different zip-line slides suspended between seven platforms. The scenery and birdlife is spectacular and professional guides provide interesting facts about the forest during the tour.  
  City/Region: Kwazulu-Natal  
  Phone: 033 330 3415 Website:  
  Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden  
  Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is world-renowned for the beauty and diversity of the Cape flora it displays and for the magnificence of its setting against the eastern slopes of Table Mountain.  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: (021) 799-8783 Website:  
  Kwazulu-Natal National Botantical Gardens  
  Pack a picnic and spend a relaxing afternoon strolling through the lush gardens or resting beside the Kingfisher Dam. The gardens promote the conservation and propagation of indigenous plants and cultivation of East Coast Grassland plants. Over 150 bird species have been recorded here, plus there`s a variety of small game.  
  City/Region: Kwazulu-Natal  
  Phone: 033 344 3585 Website:  
  Drop into this movie house in the City Bowl, which has a warm and intimate feel. The Labia screens art-house films and documentaries. You can even buy a glass of wine to take into the cinema with you.  
  City/Region: Western Cape Email: send message  
  Phone: 021 424 5927 Website:  
  Maiden`s Cove  
  On a clear and calm day explore the rocks at Maidens cove and spot the paragliders as the land on the grounds of the neighbouring Glen Country Club. There are also braai spots and the children will enjoy racing their toy boats on the tidal pools.  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Mouille Point Lighthouse  
  Visit the oldest lighthouse of its kind in South Africa. On misty days you will hear its foghorn with deafening clarity.  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: 021 449 5172  
  Mouille Point Putt-Putt  
  This open-air putt-putt course situated on the Mouille Point side of the promenade is great family fun with front-row sea views. Open Monday - Sunday.  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: 021 434 6805  
  River Club  
  Take the troupe to the club`s driving range and let everyone practice their swing. You can rent clubs there.  
  City/Region: Western Cape Email: send message  
  Phone: 021 448 6117 Website:  
  Robben Island  
  Open Monday - Sunday 7:30am-9pm  
  City/Region: Western Cape Email: send message  
  Phone: 021 413 4233 Website:  
  Rondebosch Common  
  Wonderful logs to climb on or over, puddles to jump in, grass to hide in and perfect for kite flying  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  on Hout Bay Beach (take supper for kids and snacks for adults)  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  The Beach  
  Kid friendly beaches  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  The Blue Shed  
  Also known as the V&A Craft and Wellness Centre, there are a number of craft stalls here selling handmade and recycled objects and materials.  
  City/Region: Western Cape Email: send message  
  Phone: 021 408 7842 Website:  
  The Botanical Gardens  
  In town – lovely open spaces for toddlers to run around and also lots of squirrels, birds and fish.  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  The Library  
  check if you local library has a “story time” session – most libraries do this once a week.  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  The Oval Art and Craft Market  
  This popular market has been around for over 25 years and is set in beautiful Alexandra Park opposite a large playground where children can stretch their legs and have fun.  
  City/Region: Kwazulu-Natal  
  Phone: 082 774 5493  
  The Park  
  Parks for the kids  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Waterfront Habour  
  walk around and look at ships, buy an ice-cream and watch the marimba bands,  
  City/Region: Western Cape  


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