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  2Simple Software  
  Make learning fun! Simple, colorful and creative software for ages 3 and up. Give your children a head start in computer skills, improving reading, writing as well as maths and much more.  
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  Phone: (021) 851-1294 Website:  
  Compu-connecteducation supplies computer based educational software that reinforces the learning of Mathematics, English, Phonics, Afrikaans, Reading and Perceptual skills from Grade 0 to Grade 12.  
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  Phone: 0761547895, 011 3197215 Website:  
  Equal Zeal®  
  The Equal Zeal® System was conceptualised to provide valuable life tools for a generation of children growing up in an age of advancements like no other. Todays kids are dealing with a range of issues that kids of the past did not have to face until adulthood.  
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  Flash and Learn  
  Flash and Learn is a proud South African supplier of high quality Educational Aids in the form of Wall Charts and Flash Cards, and offers a quality product and service.

The Flash and Learn Educational Aid range is extensive, and the products are laminated, colourful and beautifully illustrated, user friendly and curriculum focused. The products look great in any classroom, as well as in the home, and are also favourite items on many homeschooler’s shopping lists!
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  Phone: 082 899 2991 Website:  
  Phonix in a Box  
  Phonix in a Box products are designed to strengthen a child’s reading and spelling skills. The range includes boxes of phonic cards and phonic workbooks. The card games are excellent to reinforce auditory strategies and phonic skills and they are compatible with all phonic teaching schemes. The games are simple enough to use at home, in therapy and at school. They are a useful tool for teachers, parents and therapists to assist learners with their phonics. The phonic workbooks are a wonderful resource to reinforce spelling, reading, vocabulary and language skills.  
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  Phone: 072 323 5644 Website:  
  The Iziko South African Museum and Planetarium  
  Open Monday - Sunday 10am-5pm  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: 021 481 3800 Website:  
  The National Library Of SA  
  Aside from being top-notch book resource centre the library holds poetry readings, conferences, book launches, writing groups and writing workshops for teachers, students and children. Open Monday - Friday.  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: 021 424 6320 Website:  


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