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  Developmental Stimulation  
  Article - Is intelligence fixed at birth?  
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  From Womb to World  
  A beautiful silver-plated pendant from Mexico which you wear over your growing bump. As you move the soothing chimes are heard by your growing baby. By wearing the Bola regularly your baby will recognise and be soothed by the sound which will be comforting after birth too.  
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  Mommalicious Mamma’s  
  A community for all the mommalicious mamma’s to get together, chat, debate, compare and just plain brag if they want too! :)  
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  We offer a unique Ultrasound Imaging service for expentant parents who would like to know more about their baby and see detailed images of the baby prior to the birth.  
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  What is happening within Mommys tummy?  
  Article - Dates can be so confusing! The gestational age of baby is taken from the first day of mommy's last menstrual period, but mommy isn't actually pregnant until approximately two weeks later when ovulation occurs. In this article, we are looking at the dates according to the last menstrual period (unless mentioned otherwise) to correspond with the dates given to you by your doctor.  
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  Your Pregnancy and Probiotics  
  Article - With the number of children suffering from asthma and various types of food allergies growing at an alarming rate, each expecting mother is probably asking herself whether there is anything she can do to help her child avoid these problems.  
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