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  Autism is an extremely prevalent condition, but what is it?  
  In December 2009 the Centre of Disease Control in America in a news conference announced that their research is showing that 1 in 110 children born will have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. In South Africa this equates to a child with autism being born close to EVERY HOUR....  
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  Phone: (011) 484 99099 Website:  
  Cape Hearing Aids  
  Free hearing screening tests for seniors.
New rechargeable hearing aids available from us, includes charger.
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: 0800 00 6674  
  Long term, drug-free treatment of learning difficulties.  
  City/Region: National Email: send message  
  Phone: 086 100 3673 Website:  
  Dr Allan S. Putterman  
  Paediatrician - Cape Allergy and Asthma Clinic cc  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: 0216834454  
  Estelle Novella Speech Therapy & Audiology  
  We provide assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for a wide range of speech, language, listening and hearing problems.
  • Hearing Tests (Babies to adults)
  • Hearing Aids
  • Hearing protection
  • Tinnitus management
  • Speech, language and auditory processing therapy
  City/Region: Gauteng Email: send message  
  Phone: 011 792-9357 Website:  
  Flash and Learn  
  Flash and Learn is a proud South African supplier of high quality Educational Aids in the form of Wall Charts and Flash Cards, and offers a quality product and service.

The Flash and Learn Educational Aid range is extensive, and the products are laminated, colourful and beautifully illustrated, user friendly and curriculum focused. The products look great in any classroom, as well as in the home, and are also favourite items on many homeschooler’s shopping lists!
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  Phone: 082 899 2991 Website:  
  Hearing Aid Acoustician  
  Hearing tests, Hearing aids and Repairs - Micheal Fourie, B.PHARM SHAA (SA)  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: 0800 166 947, (sms) 34007  
  Hearing Aid Acoustician & Audiologists  
  The Hearing Clinic - Francis Slabber, Janet Steering, Nadine Jooste and Elisha Berridge  
  City/Region: Western Cape Email: send message  
  Phone: 021 797 7948 Website:  
  Impact Hearing  
  Do you struggle to hear?  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: 021 5316903, 086 0109152 Website:  
  South African Haemophilia Foundation (SAHF)  
  The South African Haemophilia Foundation is a member of the WFH, and provides both national and regional haemophilia news. A valuable resource is the "Treatment Guidelines for Haemophilia".  
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  Phone: +1 (514) 875-7944 Website:  
  Tiny Handz  
  is committed to teach basic Sign Language to parents/caregivers/educationalist/personnel (based on SASL) to again be taught and used with normal hearing babies (as well as children/individuals with special needs).  
  City/Region: National Email: send message  
  Phone: +27 82 218 7339 Website:  
  World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH)  
  The World Federation of Hemophilia`s mission is to promote and advance services and care worldwide to persons with haemophilia and related bleeding disorders. It carries out this mission through a number of programmes.  
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  Phone: +1 (514) 875-7944 Website:  


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