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  Category: Special Needs / Subcategory: Hearing  
  Cape Hearing Aids  
  Free hearing screening tests for seniors.
New rechargeable hearing aids available from us, includes charger.
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: 0800 00 6674  
  Estelle Novella Speech Therapy & Audiology  
  We provide assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for a wide range of speech, language, listening and hearing problems.
  • Hearing Tests (Babies to adults)
  • Hearing Aids
  • Hearing protection
  • Tinnitus management
  • Speech, language and auditory processing therapy
  City/Region: Gauteng Email: send message  
  Phone: 011 792-9357 Website:  
  Hearing Aid Acoustician  
  Hearing tests, Hearing aids and Repairs - Micheal Fourie, B.PHARM SHAA (SA)  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: 0800 166 947, (sms) 34007  
  Hearing Aid Acoustician & Audiologists  
  The Hearing Clinic - Francis Slabber, Janet Steering, Nadine Jooste and Elisha Berridge  
  City/Region: Western Cape Email: send message  
  Phone: 021 797 7948 Website:  
  Impact Hearing  
  Do you struggle to hear?  
  City/Region: Western Cape  
  Phone: 021 5316903, 086 0109152 Website:  
  Tiny Handz  
  is committed to teach basic Sign Language to parents/caregivers/educationalist/personnel (based on SASL) to again be taught and used with normal hearing babies (as well as children/individuals with special needs).  
  City/Region: National Email: send message  
  Phone: +27 82 218 7339 Website:  


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