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South Africa  
Little Footprints Planet
  A portal of information which gives South African women the inspiration, resource and tools to thrive while reflecting on what it takes to be in contribution to the world today.  
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Spice4life has been at the forefront of connecting dynamic women for over a decade with a loyal following that connects through events, business networks, community involvement and through their online magazine;, receiving over a million hits a month.

Spice4life is about Self-worth, Passion, Inspiration, Commitment and Edutainment 4 Life.
Spice4life provides a resource of information, with a common bonding pit to network, a platform to communicate and a central support hub that inspires and provides the tools for women to thrive.

“We have a vision to connect women with purpose on all aspects of being a woman in the world today; in a fun, informative and relevant way. Women have many roles and they not only look after themselves, but care for many around them.

Our mission is to inspire women to connect with themselves, to other women, to their significant others, to their children and families, to connect them with their talents in the business world, to opportunities to thrive and of course to connect them to their communities where they can spread their light.

Thanks to the amazing affiliates, expert advice and women across South Africa, we are able to keep in touch with the world of women in a way that is real and relevant.” Michelle Korevaar, CEO

Their Online Magazine provides a platform that amalgamates a large resource of topical information to one access point for women to stay connected, informed and inspired. The website also assists in giving voice to inspiring individuals and projects. Serving Humanity is often the inspiration at the heart of many of their activities and The School Shop is proud to be a partner on adopting wonderful community outreach initiatives throughout the year.

The Spice4life Consultancy arm of the business, allows for custom developed campaigns, using the resources on hand to achieve Client objectives. Recently awarded the Cause Marketing Fundraisers national Public Relations campaign to educate and fundraise for Cancer in South Africa, Michelle commented; “the tangibility of what this non profit company is committed to is why we have partnered with CMF. WE want to make addressing cancer a positive call to action that is accessible everyday to everyone.”

Other outreach Initiatives involve Climbing Mountains to make dreams come true, giving the gift of Christmas, Lets Play and Sporting Chance which all help children from underprivileged areas.




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